From the three varieties of grapes we grow, we produce nine distinctly different wines: four Blanc (sweet, dry, oaked, and dessert); three Lenoir (sweet/blush, dry, and port); and two blends – Bounty Land Crossings, a Tempranillo/Lenoir blend, and our rose’, a Blanc du Bois/Lenoir blend. We focus on making wines from grapes grown on the property, but we are expanding to include grapes grown in other parts of Texas, such as purchasing Texas Malbec wine and other white grape varieties  to expand our wine cellar and offer more varieties of wine to our customers.

Our wines have been very well received, receiving medals from international competitions held in both Texas and New York which include entries of hundreds of other wines from all over the world. We are extremely proud of the recognition West Sandy Creek Winery’s wines have received from the Texas International Wine Competition, the Lone Star International Wine Competition, and the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, as well as very favorable feedback from our family, friends and other wine lovers.

Our best selling and most recognized wines are the Blanc du Bois Dry Estate Wines and Bounty Land Crossings blends, but we also make table reds, rose’, dessert wines, and sweet whites and sweet reds especially designed for the Texas palate. The West Sandy Creek Winery team continues to work to create new varieties and blends to meet the different tastes and interests of our diverse clientele.

Our 2020 harvest was better than expected. The amount of rain and intervals between rain made 2020 a challenge, but we worked with the resulting differences to improve our wines. We lost a third of our white grapes, as did other wineries, but we learned a lot of things we can do differently next year. The Lenoir harvest was near perfect, which was unexpected due to the weather.

We always harvest by hand with a group of family and friends as well as hired workers. This year, the ongoing pandemic required that we work in a safe and socially-distant way, which was another complicating factor. With some changes to our process, we had a successful and safe harvest.

Blanc du Bois

The white wines turned out better this year and are much cleaner in taste and finish. We have never really had a wine with this kind of profile. It is more tropical/pineapple rather than the floral flavors of the past, and it has pear, apple, and lemon notes.


This year the Lenoir, which is made from black Spanish grapes grown on our property, is 100% estate for the first time. In the past we’ve combined our black Spanish grapes with more purchased elsewhere, so this year our estate Lenoir wines are also 100% Texan.

Old World Reserve

This wine is made from Blanc du Bois grapes but differs from our other whites in that is aged in oak barrels. This year’s Old World Reserve is much smoother because we left it on oak for five days longer than last year. Whites are very easily manipulated, and we decided to tinker a little. The five additional days of aging actually make a huge difference; it flattened the sweetness somewhat, which improves the finish.

2014 Bounty Land Crossings

This blended wine is a new release in 2020. Our 2012 Bounty Land is 70% Merlot and 30% Lenoir with a fruit forward, aromatic profile. This year, the blend is 60% Lenoir and 40% Merlot with more of a sugar cane/molasses aroma that is sweet but not floral. The flavors of our Texas Lenoir are more prominent, and the wine is a bit heavier, drier, and has a higher alcohol content (15%) than the 2012 blend. This new release diversifies our portfolio of red table wines.

Portejas Blanc

The 2020 Portejas Blanc (white port) is seven years old now. This year we worked to refine the Portejas Blanc recipe and the result is a smooth port with slightly less alcohol content. It has roasted almond and coconut as well as sugar cane and molasses flavors.

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