After harvesting by hand by family and staff, grapes are delivered to the crush pad where they are sorted, de-stemmed, and pressed on their way from fruit to juice. The juice or must is then pumped into fermentation tanks or food-grade macro bins, depending on the specific wine being made. 

Once in tanks, the wine is carefully tended and maintained. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is allowed to settle before it is racked from one tank to another to separate and clean out sediment. The process is done over and again until the wine is clear and ready for filtering. After filtering the wine, it is either cold stabilized or put into barrels for aging. Then, before it goes through our bottling line, the wine is filtered again through a sterile membrane filter to remove any remaining microbes  to ensure the highest quality wine possible. West Sandy Creek Winery’s capacity is currently more than 15,000 gallons of tank space in our 10,000 square foot production area.

bottling wines at west sandy creek winery in richards, tx